Mozella, Recording Artist, Writer, and Executive Producer at Belle Isle Records/songwriter with SonyATV Publishing  "Kiyanu is an excellent guitar player and a very talented song writer.  I witnessed his skills first hand when he toured the country with me as my guitar player. We later went on to write together.  He is smart, professional, and fun to be around!"

Ben Jelen , Formal Maverick/ Custard Recording Artist  "Kiyanu is an excellent guitarist and producer.  His guitar playing is versatile and focused on sonic atmosphere as much as his "chops." Kiyanu will invariably be expertly using a few effects in tandem, adding great shimmer to his sound. His playing has led him all the way up to playing with Gwen Stefani.  Around 2007, Kiyanu moved from unofficial production to starting his own production company - In my opinion, he has excelled as much in this area as with guitar playing, due to his past ties with live playing and the professional musicians he still has access to. I've co-written tracks that Kiyanu has produced, with styles influenced by rock, pop and hip-hop, his areas of strength. Working with Kiyanu is productive yet laid back, a pleasure. He wants his client to be happy and will go out of his way in every case to make this happen. I highly recommend working with Kiyanu."

Gala, Matriarchy Recording Artist  "In 2014, I headlined at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. It was a very important show and I wouldn't have done it with anybody else, but Kiyanu.  Not only was he reliable behind the scene, but he was also a rock star on stage.  He's a top notch Music Director."

Keli Price, Orchard Records Recording Artist/ Actor  "Kiyanu has been a great mentor for me and an inspirational teacher, he takes his craft very seriously and is devoted to the artist. He's a great producer, and an awesome friend."

Joel A. Martin, Founder at Jassical and Producer at Footsteps of Mandela  "In the years since I have known Kiyanu, he continues to amaze me as a musician, producer and person. His work ethic, discipline and musical integrity will make him a force to be reckoned with in the music business. I look forward to working with him on many music projects in the future."

Joe Bonadio, Drummer, Sting/ Marc Cohn / Martin Sexton "As a producer Kiyanu is about the best friend a song can have."

Jay Max, Songwriter at Nickelodeon/ Atlantic Records  "Kiyanu is one of the most talented producers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I've known him for over four years and during this time I've witnessed firsthand on projects we've collaborated on and ones he's done with other people the level of his creativity and perfectionism. He never settles in himself or in others anything less than the best they're capable of and it shows in the finished product. I've seen him take ideas, melodies and voices that were, to put it kindly, not good and transform them into something truly amazing. Everything from Kiyanu's instrumental, production and songwriting skills makes him a producer I highly recommend.

"Rob Kahn, Owner, RK Music, Mixology  "I have hired Kiyanu many times to write music for my company. He has consistently come up with great ideas, and has made the effort to deliver the best track possible. His ideas, his musicality, and his production are all top notch. I continue to hire Kiyanu whenever I have the chance. He makes me look good!"

Lawrence Cooley, Singer/Songwriter  "I highly recommend Kiyanu Kim. I have had the pleasure to work with him in the past two years. He has inspired me to write my new single, Let It Go, which he produced.  Kiyanu Kim is the greatest producer, I have worked with to date."

Kevin Rice, Drummer, The Virgins / Miranda Cosgrove  "Kiyanu Kim brings that rare combination of a very high level of musicianship with the restraint and taste that makes his choices always perfect for the song.  Whether he's writing, producing or playing on a track, Kiyanu knows the right direction for every tune."

Randy Fuchs,  Founder of Artist Relations  "I met Kiyanu when he was on tour with Gwen Stefani. I found Kiyanu (and continue to find him) as an accomplished yet humble musician. Soft spoken and easy to get along with, Kiyanu is wonderful person, great player, and all around good guy- what I would call a winning combination."

Jeff Allen, Bassist, Duncan Sheik / Avril Lavigne/ David Garrett  "I always look forward to working with Kiyanu: the diversity and depth of his skill set mean that the work will end up being top-notch. This confidence allows everyone to relax and enjoy the process of getting it done right."

Marc Slutsky, Drummer, Splendor / Alexa Joel  "I've been fortunate to work with Kiyanu in many situations over the years. Kiyanu is one of the rare breeds of musicians that possesses his own unique sound in music. Whether he is producing a full track or just playing the guitar, I can always tell its him. I've witnessed it time and time again. It's something I've always admired him for."

Chris Grace, Sony/Reds Recording Artist  "It's rare to work with a producer who understands music and how to capture an artists vision as well as Kiyanu does. He's got the gift."

Alex Wong, Producer/ Songwriter  "Kiyanu is a great producer and guitarist.  His playing is sensitive, musical, and appropriate to the project. That is to say, with an intuitive understanding of the big picture and his role within it."